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We specialize in K to 12 Tutoring, English & French Language Programs, and more.

Canada wide Online Learning – If you have the internet, we have you covered.


Our Educational Specialists (Tutors) are selected from across Canada and have decades of experience in teaching at all levels of education.


Everyone learns differently, Everyone is unique. For every learner we rewrite the book on how to do it. We listen to them and work together to reach their goals.


By offering our services virtually, we have leveled the playing field for quality educational support. Everyone in Canada can access our secure virtual classroom.

About Us

Our success comes from others succeeding. At BoostEdu Inc. our programs and methodology are guided by TWO principles:

  • All learners are different.
  • Everyone deserves a Boost.

We're determined

to help fill the gaps created by the lockdowns, and to return students onto an upward path.

We're inspired

to learn and grow along with our students as we teach and support them on their journey to success.

A Message From Our Founder

Ken Gunn

In my 10+ years of teaching I have had the amazing opportunity to teach across Canada in both the public and private sectors. This experience has given me a clear understanding of the differences in educational support that exist between regions. The level of support available to those in rural areas compared to those in urban centers is not equal. It is this inequality in availability of qualified educational support that was one of the reasons I founded BoostEdu Inc.


Our Language programs follow the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB & NCLC)


These sessions are highly individualized and specific to the learners' areas of concern or interest. They can be individual or, small groups, depending on the clients. We support all subjects from across Canada in both English and French (in some cases other languages as well). As well as many University level courses, and topics.


Despite the dedication of parents, homeschooling can be difficult. BoostEdu Inc. offers small interactive groups that are designed to provide content specific expertise in a relaxed, informal, and fun environment. One of our recent success stories is our French as an Additional Language Program for Youth. We take the school out of learning the Language for a customizable fun experience.


Classes are designed with each client’s interests, goals and needs in mind. At BoostEdu Inc. we offer both individual and small group sessions. Course material includes CELPIP & IELTS exams for learners seeking to meet the requirements for Canadian immigration.


Classes are highly personalized to meet the needs, interests, and goals of the learner. All learners are assessed and assigned the program level most appropriate for them. If you want to learn French in a comfortable and safe space then BoostEdu Inc. has a seat for you.


Are you starting or finishing a post-secondary program and looking for extra academic support? BoostEdu Inc. now offers programs in areas such as: Academic writing, Public speaking, Introduction to various areas of Mathematics, and more. We can help you get off on the right foot of your journey.


Considering enhancing or refreshing your skills to maximize your employability? BoostEdu Inc. offers acti vity-led sessions focusing on skills such as; Adaptability, Collaboration, Innovation, and more. This program can be organized by academic institutions, companies, or other organizations supporting continuous learning.


Our Tutors Are Experienced Educational Specialists Who Are Passionate About Teaching

Aglaia strives to present quality learning experiences that will transform how students see knowledge. “Learning is not hard or boring if it’s taught meaningfully and with a dash of fun!”

BoostEdu tutor Aglaia


Linguistics Specialist

Hannah loves asking the right questions, then watching students amaze themselves with what their own minds can do. She quotes Eckhart Tolle in saying, “You get there by realizing you are already there.”

BoostEdu tutor Hannah


K-12 English & Adult Education

Jaime brings a friendly style to online teaching with interactive lesson planning and a fun atmosphere. As a teacher, she believes that studying should be enjoyable and focuses on student-centered learning.

BoostEdu tutor Jaime


English As A Second Language

Karen is a passionate life-long learner, and takes both joy and satisfaction from sharing this love with others through teaching. Inspiring students to get excited about learning is her overriding goal.

BoostEdu tutor Karen


Language & Theatre Arts

Klejda's online math sessions are highly interactive, and students are encouraged to ask questions. As a teacher she hopes to inspire students to be innovative thinkers and creators.

BoostEdu tutor Klejda


K-12 Math & Coding

Meghan believes mathematics is a universal language that enables us to understand and explore our natural world. Her goal is to help students master it through patience, practice, and tailored teaching.

BoostEdu tutor Meghan


Math & Computer Science

Natasha creates engaging lessons by matching students' learning styles with their interests and needs. She believes that students respond best to a teacher that shows care and interest in their learning.

BoostEdu tutor Natasha


Math & French As A Second Language

With her 24 years as an educator, plus experience as the mother of two children, Patricia appreciates the importance of communication, positive motivation, and balanced approaches to learning.

BoostEdu tutor Patricia


Exceptional Learners Specialist

Sharing knowledge with students of all ages brings Tarek immense joy and satisfaction. He believes teaching is also about inspiring and motivating students to achieve their full potential.

BoostEdu tutor Tarek


English & French As Second Languages

Teaching has become a passion that affects how Ye approaches many parts of his daily life. He strives to become an even better communicator, as he believes that it is keystone of good teaching.

BoostEdu tutor Ye


Physics & Mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can reach our Director, Ken Gunn
by phone at +1 506-543-8965,
email him at,
or book a free consultation here.

Sessions typically cost $50 + HST per hour, but savings can be found by booking multiple sessions at once. For more information on this, please email

Yes! If you or your child have classmates, or friends that are experiencing the same difficulties with the same material, our Educational Specialists welcome small groups. An additional bonus to "bringing a friend" is that the sessions become even more affordable. For more information on this, please email

Yes! We are 100% virtual, meaning we are there for you and your kids, regardless of where you live in Canada, and outside of the regular school day.

All of our tutors have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree plus a year of experience teaching, but many have much more than this: post-graduate degrees including Master's and PhDs!

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